To be me or not to be

After starting my new business Embrace Your Mind full time in January, it took me a little while to work out where the business ended and I started.Shaun Phillips Movember pirate I imagine this is a common situation when you start off with a one person business.

First of all you realise you are the business and then start behaving like you have been told a business should.
The problem occurs when you are asking yourself at a social event which hat should you have on the business or personal one.
Then your friends start to wonder when you were abducted by aliens and replaced with an impostor.

Then today someone gave me the answer, I attended an event hosted by Penny Power founder of Ecademy and one comment she said “Being you is enough”.

Shaun Phillips Movember top gun

Being me is enough! at this point my head span around a few times and the aliens gave me back control of my body.
So I can be me and also run a business as me, this may seem obvious to seem people to me it was a revelation as integrity and personal identity has always been important to me.

So my current friends and new ones yet to be discovered can know they will be getting the real me.

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  • liz vandorpe says:

    Hey Shaun
    VERY nice blog and perhaps make it a first blog on Ecademy for yourself. I will “like” it.

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