For what purpose?

With the NLP introduction day in St Albans I am organising only a few days away,  I am surprised nobody has asked me “What is the purpose of the Introduction Day” Or “What will I get from attending”.

“What is the purpose of the Introduction Day
The short answer is “What is not the purpose for you”, ok so maybe you are thinking err what is he on about.
The point is that if people have a particular purpose for doing a task or attending an event,  that is what you get out of it, therefore the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Basically what you put in is proportional to what you get out.

When we look in a mirror we always have a purpose, let’s say someone looks in a mirror to check for wrinkles, what do you think they will find?
Where as when you look in a mirror to see how good you look, just how good do you look 😉

Yes, there is a purpose for me also, I am have seen the profound changes that NLP can help you make and I have seen how people’s lives have taken a massive leap forward after making changes with NLP.For me having seen and experienced this is truly inspirational.
If this is so easy to do, what would the world be like if everyone was doing it. Wow that would seriously be amazing.

You may have lots of reasons not to come and experience the possibilities for yourself, you only need one reason to come and you already have that.

Now is the opportunity to take control of your life and live those childhood dreams, now when I imagine seeing myself on stage, hearing my singing and really feeling the performance, I know when we perform Jesus Christ Superstar at the Alban Arena in St Albans on the 9th-13th November, 2010 it will be a reality.So now if like me you start to wonder with the unlimited mind of your childhood self. What are now all the other possibilities that can be reality?

So in summary for me the purpose is to be able to tell my story and just maybe inspire some people and maybe even you can experience those other possibilities too.

As well as Mike Heald (ABNLP qualified trainer & my mentor) will show and tell you all about NLP and all the other opportunities it can bring.

In a world full of possibilities, what would be the purpose of only picking one day to start discovering as many as you can.

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