I am a drunk, at least for three nights I will appear to be.

Time is flying, we have just had the third rehearsal for the Monday part of the Southwark Mysteries community cast.
The community cast meets on Mondays and Wednesday, so people that cannot make one day can come on the other.
We have now got to the point where the groups are being cast so that you need to be attending on the day of the group you are in.
On Mondays we have the groups for the tunnellers & devils, so I’m now practicing being a burly labourer digging tunnels for the Jubilee line extension.
The play is starting to appear more real now, as we have started practicing our entrance and I also visited the Southwark Cathedral today, the stage for our play.
We have group lines to learn and I have a few of my own lines, to learn, yes you heard correctly my own lines, which is very exciting.
As you may have guessed my few lines relate to my role as a drunk, I wonder if I will be named in the programme, I can see it now – A Drunk Shaun Phillips.

You can find more details on the play and how to get tickets http://www.southwarkmysteries.com
and some photos of the workshops and rehersals here.

Also for to find out how I got involved in this you can go here.

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