Proud to be a day dreamer

mad scientist living my dreams

Often when I was at school my mum was told I was a bit of a day dreamer, prone to my mind wandering.
So as a grew up a bit of a negative tag was put on day dreaming, as if it was the wrong thing to do. Instead I should be focussing on getting a career making money to get a home etc etc.Day Dreaming Cat

The thing is I continued to dream , as a child I had a dream about performing on stage in a play, since April 2009 I have been in a play at Southwark Cathedral, and performed twice with the St Albans Operatic Society at the Alban Arena in St Albans. now rehearsing for the next one show Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Another dream was to work with deaf children or those with special needs, I now spend part of my time as a Mad Scientist and guess what?  This involves teaching kids about science. Through Mad Science I will also have the opportunity to work with children with special needs.Subatomic Shaun Mad Scientist

What blows my mind is that I didn’t plan any of this, it happened because I continued day dreaming. Now I realise that day dreaming is very powerful and will help me achieve even more of my goals and ambitions, the list is quite big as you might imagine.

I had a dream of being a husband and a father, now I am  I still continue to dream about being the best husband and father that I can be.

What did you dream about as a kid, maybe you thought you had given up on that dream, I think you will find you still believe you can, dream about it a bit more and you will get it.

As well as achieving my own dreams, I love to help other achieve their dreams in St Albans through, below are some people I would love you to help if you can.

My mate Jimi and is excellent band need your support, they do sound good check them out –

Chris Ogle of SME7 has a dream about building a better Britain, as individuals we can make some difference as a group of individuals collaborating we can do more –

Michael Gordon has a dream of helping people through using alternative medicine –

Zahur Chowdhry wants to help at least 1% of the country to receive the retirement income they feel they deserve –

I support these people because I truly believe  in what they want to achieve and that their motivation is to help others.

If you or someone you know needs help with a dream, get in touch or post a comment.

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