Blogging on Symbian

I am going sailing in Greece in just over a week and decided I would like to blog about the trip while I’m there. So this means I need app on my i8910 running Symbian, that will allow me to post to this blog.

So I initially did a search via Opera mobile and found an app called Wordmobi, although the links appeared to be for old versions 0.34.
I then did a specific search for “Wordmobi” and found the Google code project page. This had a link to version 0.94 and the prerequisites – Python & PIPS.

I initially installed Python then PIPS and Wordmobi to Mass memory, but the application wouldn’t launch, so I then removed the software and installed them all again to Phone memory. This time,  success the app launched and I wrote this post.

Discovered after losing my edits for the third time, that saving drafts regularly is a good idea, unfortunately the local save option was not working.

Need to test the option to send out a tweet as forget to activate it when I published this post.
Edits seem to work well, my first attempt at inserting an image didn’t work will test again.

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