1 day to go and St Albans may never be the same again

It’s dress rehearsal timeĀ at the Alban Arena for Hot Mikado opening Tomorrow – 10th May, 2011

Today we find out more Graham Jackson who is playing Koko,
(this seemed a good idea at the time).Graham Jackson

How did you first get involved in musicals?
How did i first get involved in musicals? well quite simply i was singing tenor with a choir and a member of the bass section said his society were looking for tenors(young!) to join the chorus of Brigadoon-the rest is history…..

I understand you have played Koko before how does your current role compare?
How does this current role of Koko compare with others i have done? It doesn’t-it can’t. This is a fantastic role with so much scope it is unbelievable. I have played him traditionally but i have also played him as Darth Vader in another fantastic production-Plug for Harlington Performs. It is also difficult to compare as each time there has been a different director all with unique ideas. however i can say that each role has been terrific fun-if not quite so energetic as this one.

Is this the first time anyone has let you play with a samurai sword in a show before?
Samurai swords? And guns and a knife! Never used a samurai sword before but have used other dangerous implements….if they only knew!

Give us a 15 words synopsis of our production of Hot Mikado, in the style of Koko.
Synopsis? I’d like to say but i would then have to kill you….mission impossible.

Hot Mikado

What do you enjoy doing when you are not involved in a show.
When not involved in a show( not sure when that is) i enjoy real ale, real ale, and also i enjoy real ale-is there a pattern emerging. I enjoy other activities but they cannot be discussed over the internet or i may be arrested!

If you could be any character from a musical, who would it be and why?
Any character from a musical? I’d jump( but not very high at my age) at the chance to do the emcee in Cabaret, I’d love a go at Tevye in fiddler but if i wanted to be a character from a musical i’d like to be Mary Poppins because i could then stop dick van dyke using that appalling accent by inserting my umbrella…………..

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