Opening night in the bag and a great response from the audience

After a very successful opening night of Hot Mikado at the Alban Arena, we now look forward to turning the heat up on some more people in St Albans, are you going to be one of them?

Today we focus on the coolest man in Titipu, Pooh Bah, played by Matthew Gregory.

Matthew Gregory

Matthew Gregory

How did you first get involved in musicals?
My first musical was at the age of 9 when I played God in the story of Noah’s Ark. I had sit at the top of a step ladder with my classmates giving them the odd nudge to keep me on my toes. Not sure health and safety would allow it now.

How would you describe your character in Hot Mikado?
I think my character is a bit of a cross between Arthur Daly and Billy Mitchell from Eastenders. That might not be how it comes across but that’s what’s in my head.

Like Pooh Bah are you coolest man in the St Albans Operatic Society
Ha ha! Nowhere near…..but I am the tallest, if that helps.

It must be great being able to work with your wife Charlotte in a show, what show would you love to do as a family?
You’re right, and doing shows together generally determines which shows we do.
To be honest our voices mean that there are very few shows where we can play opposite each other so it tends to get driven by one of us really liking a show and the other falling in behind.Hot Mikado

If you could be any character from a musical, who would it be and why?
There are so many to choose from. Emile de beque from south pacific would be pretty cool. He lived in a beautiful mansion over looking the sea, great weather and an outrageous French accent. That wouldn’t be a bad life (once the war had finished)
If you mean what part would I like to play, rather than actually be, then, like alot of people, I can’t wait until the amateur release of Les Miserables. I’ve loved it since it came out 25 years ago and would absolutely love to play Javert.

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